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Top Sellers
1. Komenuka Bijin 10-Product Trial/Sample Set from Rice Bran
2. TrueRenu's Japanese Hot Springs Bath Salts Sampler (Eight 25g-30g Packets)
3. Komenuka Bijin Premium Hair Care Set: Moisturizing Hair Shampoo & Hair Treatment / Conditioner
4. Komenuka Bijin Facial Cleansing Powder from Natural Rice Bran - 30 Packs
5. Authentic Maeda-en Japanese Sencha Green Tea - 100 Foil-Wrapped Tea Bags

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1. M.A.D SKINCARE ANTI-AGING Anti-Aging Glycolic Age Diffusing Cleanser - 200ml
2. M.A.D SKINCARE DELICATE SKIN Delicate Skin Cleansing Gel - 200ml
3. M.A.D SKINCARE DELICATE SKIN Delicate Skin Calming Gel Mask - 60g
4. M.A.D SKINCARE DELICATE SKIN Delicate Soothing Night Cream - 50g
5. M.A.D SKINCARE SOLAR PROTECTION Photo Guard SPF 20 Anti-Aging Eye Cream - 15g

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HABA stands for "Health Aid Beauty Aid", and is popular in Japan because of its high quality and commitment to additive-free formulas. HABA products employ the detoxifying agents in seaweed, moisture retention properties of bamboo water and hyaluronic acid, as well as the anti-aging components of concentrated Vitamin C derivative. They use no additives, petrochemicals or surfactants that can irritate the skin. We offer HABA products for cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and Special Care products to customize your regimen.
HABA - on Sale! (35 Items)

Cosme Proud is a leading Japanese cosmetic manufacturer, specializing in advanced skin care for the growing baby boomer population. Because skincare is needed every day, they developed a 5-step program that is simple to use with the highest quality ingredients.

KAI is a company that currently manufactures, sells, exports and imports more than 10,000 different kinds of cutlery and cutting tools, ranging from kitchen utensils to cosmetic accessories and surgical implements.
KAI started in 1908 as a small pocket-knife factory in the city of Seki, which is known in Japan as the City of Good Swordsmen. Even though the company has become large, one principle, nokaji (blacksmith)'s spirit, has been consistently upheld by KAI. "The nokaji strives to make blades that are suited to the daily lives of people by bringing to bear on the task all his craftsmanship and all his heart."
KAI is to find an answer to the question: "how can we bring the spirit of the nokaji into the 21st century?"
KAI (6 Items)

ASIENCE has been developed by KAO after intensive research into Asian hair to bring Asian beauty into reality. A fusion of Asian beauty care and modern science, ASIENCE makes optimum use of traditional natural ingredients to create the unique Asian Beauty Essence.
ASIENCE from Kao... Let your inner beauty shine through!
KAO ASIENCE (13 Items)


At last, Rice Bran - the Japanese beauty secret of generations - is available in a highly concentrated line of products for all types of skin and hair. Komenuka Bijin features rice bran as the main ingredient in most of their products. Packed with over 107 powerful antioxidants, they clean without tearing the skin, heal and moisturize without oily residue, and tone without the drying effects of alcohol. No matter what shape your skin and hair are in, you will notice the difference with Komenuka Bijin.

Kanebo is evolving into Kracie!
Kracie lives by three management principles:
1) To enrich the lives of customers with beauty.
2) To develop innovative products and provide outstanding services that bring ultimate satisfaction and enhance the beauty of customers.
3) Moving forward with customers as an understanding partner toward a bright and prosperous future.
KRACIE (ex Kanebo) (26 Items)

M.A.D Skincare has 6 product lines: Environmental, Brightening, Anti-Aging, Acne, Delicate and Solar Protection (new!). Started in 2011, M.A.D ("Maximum Active Dermaceuticals") Skincare blends the best science and nature offers to deliver the most advanced, potent skin care products on the market today.

See why M.A.D Skincare will give you "Beautiful Skin by Design".
M.A.D SKINCARE (20 Items)

Filled with Vitamin E and oleic acid, Nuka Naturals pure rice bran oils are all natural, antioxidant-rich moisture for your whole body. Subtly scented with an essential oil -- choose your favorite scent!

OSHIMA TSUBAKI is a popular Japanese brand, known for specializing in hair and skin care products utilizing camellia japonica seed oil as one of their key natural ingredients.

So yummy, you won’t know whether to use them or eat them! Customize your skin care regimen with organic herbs and essential oils, no petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients. Mandarin orange, chamomile, green tea and ginger are used in healthy quantities, proving that all natural can also be really effective. And oh, the aromas!

SALONPAS has evolved from its origins in traditional oriental medicine by using a scientific approach. Medication is applied to the outer layer of the skin passes through the inner layers, and enters the bloodstream through the capillaries, for fast and effective pain relief.
SALONPAS (11 Items)

Japanese Invention Award winner! Salux patented their award-winning design for their textured, extra long wash towels. Softer and more sanitary than loofah, more effective than a washcloth with amazing sudsing capabilities.
SALUX (7 Items)

One of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world, the Shiseido philosophy is True Beauty, in the Japanese ideal, is a harmony of spirit and form: an outer reflection of the inner self. "Beauty is universal, thus the products which serve beauty should also be universal." - Yushin Fukuhara, founder, 1872.

The company mission is to identify new, richer sources of value and use them to create beauty in the lives and culture of those they serve.

446w70h Shoyeido is the oldest traditional Japanese incense company, established more than 300 years ago, producing high quality, natural incense. The company is based in Kyoto.

Tsumura, one of Japan's leading household products manufacturer, has been making Japanese bath additives since 1930. Japanese consider their baths an important ritual as well as hygiene experience, and vary their bath additives daily to enhance their spiritual and physically refreshing bathing experience.
TSUMURA (3 Items)

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