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Product Reviews
7011 - Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel - Blue
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Number of reviews : 33
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  Thank You!
Daniel Ramos - CANTON, ME   (Monday, March 30, 2015)

Everything was good.

Miss_slytherin 'Meaghan' - Ohio   (Friday, February 25, 2011)

I only heard about this Salux towel recently, but I figured that even if it wasn't amazing, I really wanted something that could get all of my back without being a hassle. This works wonderfully! It left my skin feeling really clean and super soft. It also only needs a very small amount of soap, which is great! I love the feel of it, it's kind of scratchy, but in a good way. If you like scrubs you or a really good back scratch, this is perfect. The color looks exactly like in the picture too. Overall, for less than $5, this is an amazing purchase and I highly recommend it.

  This is just plain... AWESOME!!
L. Canitz 'gadget geek' - Colorado, USA   (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)

I realized a few days ago that my body pouf was almost a year old... EEEK! I was about to run to Target and buy another $1 one, but was held up by the fact they were closed. Since time was on my side, I decided to look online which was better, wash cloths or body poufs.

One website I went to mentioned an innovated product from Japanese. The website she linked to it was $20, and I thought it was a bit much for something I didn't have 100% confidence in. Then I found the Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel here on TrueRenu... a good price, and great reviews.

First shower was awesome. I actually felt clean. With a body pouf I would scrub and scrub, and while wiping dry with a towel, I could see more skin residue come off. With this product, I could scrunch it up in a ball in my hand and it felt like I was used a gentle body scrub and stretch it out completely to scrub my back, an area that
I couldn't get with a body scrub without a long handle brush.

The most loved part about this, it dries quickly. I took a shower and within two hours it was completely dried. That old moldy pouf or washcloth has a run for its money.

Edit 5/5/11: I have found another great perk to this product. I went on a vacation with my family and I brought this wash cloth of course. Before we left to go back home I took another shower. If I had a body poof I wouldn't have been able to use it because it would have been packed damp. As soon as I was through using the Salux Wash Cloth, I rolled it in a towel and it was completely dried. I have been so impressed with this product that I am ordering some for my mom and sister for Mother's Day.

I have read elsewhere about people not receiving the actual Salux brand. If you are not receiving the actual Salux brand, send it back - and purchase from TrueRenu - they're they're the real deal!

  Leaves your skin silky soft
Leanne - San Diego, CA   (Saturday, August 28, 2010)

I've only been using this for about a week, but just love it. When first using it, you have to be really gentle since it's much more abrasive than a loofah, but it works really well to soften your skin and remove the dry outer layer. It also makes my body wash lather really nicely, and I can use less body wash than I normally do since it lathers up so well.

The nice, long length of it also makes it easy to use to clean your back. My husband even tried using this and liked it so much that he asked me to order him one.

I'm really glad that I came across the positive reviews of this and decided to give it a try. It will definitely be replacing the loofahs that I've always used, and will become a staple in our shower.

James K - Oak Park, IL   (Tuesday, January 27, 2009)

Received right on time, product was as describe, and they included a free gift!

  Great product!
Ryan P - San Francisco, CA   (Tuesday, January 27, 2009)

Great product!

  love it!
Candace G - Tucson, AZ   (Tuesday, January 27, 2009)

I love this cloth! It's wonderful!

  Great Product!
Marilyn M - San Diego, CA   (Friday, December 26, 2008)

Excellent, speedy service. This is a great product and not easy to find. Product was as described. Couldn't be happier!

Sharon C - Quincy, CA   (Saturday, November 29, 2008)

Things were timely and just the product I wanted. Thanks.

Rob C - NEEDHAM, MA   (Saturday, November 29, 2008)

Great product. Delivered on time.

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